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I have found a bug in PHP-Lib-Extreme. What should i do?

Ensure that it is really a bug in phplibex and not yours. After that you can post the bug at in the Bug Tracking system. Please do not send any bug direct to a PHP-Lib-Extreme developer but you can talk about any bug in the mailing list at

I want to use PHP-Lib-Extreme but how do i install the lib?

Read the manuel: Installing PHP-Lib-Extreme

I want to send a mail but i get the following Error: Call to undefined function: mime_content_type() in mime.php.

This error happen if the Mime-Magic mod is`nt installed on your server. To manage this error you have to install the mod or you must set the Mime-Type of your attachment manually like the following sample:

 // The second parameter is the Mime-Type of the attachment.
 $mailer->mime_add_attachment("tigger.gif", "image/gif");

I cant open attachments if i send the mail with XAMPP.

Its a well known problem but we have no solution. Please test it on a real server.

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